St Michael’s Scottish Country Dancing club began in September 1982 in St Michael’s Hall in Yeovil (hence the name) and the first committee meeting was held in October.  Joy and Peter Newman were leading founder members; Harold and Sheila Barnes were the first RSCDS trained teachers.

The first Christmas dance was in 1983, at the Old Digby Hall in Sherborne and this became a tradition for many years- in 1986 the dance was almost a disaster because the weather was so dreadful- really strong winds and heavy rain-& only 2 out of 4 members of the band arrived…and they were late! Fortunately, there was a demonstration by “Reading Dance Company” to fill the time… I can’t find any  more details about this group, but I think the organisers were very grateful to them.

Apparently, the music was rather thin for the first half, but it improved when the rest of the band managed to get to the Hall-from then on, all secretaries are advised  to bring “back-up music” just in case!

The photos are by Michael Bezzant, one of our early members, and they were bequeathed to the club by his daughter, Sarah after his death. The club keep them in their archives and during the summer of 2017, Tom Stokes digitised the collection for use on our web page and to preserve it for posterity. Thank you Tom.

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