Latest News:

We are now able to dance, so our next meeting is on  Thursday 29th July from 7.30pm -9.30pm   Please bring your own chairs and refreshments.

Please note the earlier start at 7.30pm

As most of us won’t have been dancing for quite a while, we’ll be starting off gently  and providing more walk-throughs. We’ll all have to be careful to avoid injury and so we will have  a warm-up  before dancing starts and maybe,  to avoid muscle strain, many of us might prefer to walk our way round the dances, rather than actually dance. We all need to be careful! 

The following dances will be on the programme:

Minister on the Loch 3x32S; Tribute to the Borders 8x32J; Autumn in Appin 4x32S; Mr Iain Stuart Robertson 8x32R; The Laird of Milton’s Daughter 8x32J – They are all from  our Summer Charity Dance programme on Saturday 21st August 2021, so the cribs and all details are here: 

Summer Charity Dance 21st August 2021

Extras are:

 1- 8     1s cast, dance down behind own lines, turn outwards & dance back to place
 9-16    1s+2s turn partners RH back to place & then turn LH
17-24   1s followed by 2s, lead down the middle & 2s lead back to the top
25-32   2s+1s dance R&L
THE OLD MAN OF STORR  (R8x32)                                       
 1- 8     1s+2s dance RH across, 1L followed by partner casts 1 place & 1L crosses to 2nd place opposite sides
 9-16    1s+3s dance LH across, 1L followed by partner casts down 1 place & 1L crosses to 3rd place own side
17-24   1s set, dance up to top & cast to 2nd place
25-32   2s+1s R&L

We will also be dancing  on the following three Thursdays:  August  5th, 12th and 19th.  We aim to start at 7.30pm until 9.30 pm. Callers will concentrate on the dances that have been chosen for our Charity dance on Saturday August 21st

Autumn Season 2021 (if possible):

Thursday 9th September 7.30pm start of 2021 to 2022 term:

Thursday 16th December Christmas Party Dance

Thursday 6th January 2022  New Term begins

Saturday 23rd April Spring Dance : Dancing (at last) to the music of Chris and Julie Dewhurst