Margaret Manfield, Hon Secretary writes:

From September 10th , when our dancing term would normally be starting,  I will email you with news and one of the dances from our Christmas party programme to encourage you to look at the YouTube video and hopefully dance along with it. Please let me know if you have news you would like to share with club members so that we can keep in touch with each other.

This week’s dance is: Autumn in Appin 4x32S

And you are never too old to dance :

And for fun, a poem sent in by Mike & Gwyneth – Quiz-Who are the poets referred to?

Lockdown Blues


I won’t arise and go now, and go to Innisfree
I’ll sanitise the doorknob and make a cup of tea.
I won’t go down to the sea again, I won’t go out at all,
I’ll wander lonely as a cloud from the kitchen to the hall.
There’s a green-eyed yellow monster to the north of Kathmandu
But I shan’t be seeing him just yet and nor, I think will you.
While the dawn comes up like thunder on the road to Mandalay
I’ll make my bit of supper and eat it off a tray.
I shall not speed my bonnie boat across the sea to Skye
Or take the rolling English road from Birmingham to Rye.
About the woodland, just right now, I am not free to go
To see the Keep Out posters or the cherry hung with snow.
And no, I won’t be travelling much, within the realms of gold,
Or get me to Milford Haven, all that’s been put on hold.
“Give me your hands”!, I shan’t request, albeit we are friends

Nor come within a mile of you, until this pandemic ends. 

(Poet of this version unknown)


The RSCDS have been keeping us dancing by their Dance Scottish at Home newsletter. which includes an invitation to join a weekly class on Zoom- also a link to RSCDS At Home Podcast 

BBC Sounds App has lots of radio programmes and podcasts  to enjoy including the Saturday evening “Take the Floor” from Scotland with live bands and recorded music which will get your feet tapping.

Lockdown part 2:

The Library Service is closed again until November 9th, see details on their web page,  however they still have an excellent  free collection of electronic resources- eBooks, audio books, magazines and newspapers– just log on with your membership number and PIN.   

Just to remind you of our meeting in summer:

More photos from some of our dances (remember them?) are  in Photo Gallery