We have now ended this year’s dancing season, so I will leave you with Margaret’s  last Dance of the week, Irish Rover  and some links to amuse you during the summer. 

Caroline Fisher has asked me on behalf of all the committee to wish you all a happy summer- and we hope to be back in the autumn.  Please be extra careful and stay very safe.

  Keep in touch with dancing as much as possible by trying the dance of the week and the RSCDS weekly dance classes- they are going to continue through the summer.  

Alison Read wrote to Margaret:

Polharrow Burn (the Dance of the week) is one of my favourites, and it was also one of my mother’s. Polharrow Burn is a stream in Kirkcudbrightshire, Galloway, Scotland. Talking of Kirkcudbright, you and others might find the attached limerick amusing.  (One needs to remember that  Kirkcudbright is pronounced Kirk-coo-brie;  Wemyss is pronounced Weems, and as you read the limerick, it has to rhyme appropriately.)

        A horse-racing man from Kirkcudbright

        Once owned a mare, called Bludbright

       Said his trainer from Wemyss,

      “She’s the horse of my dremyss! –

      I think we should race her at Nudbright!

The RSCDS are going to keep us dancing all summer by their Dance Scottish at Home newsletter. which includes an invitation to join a weekly class on Zoom

BBC Sounds App has lots of radio programmes and podcasts  to enjoy including the Saturday evening “Take the Floor” from Scotland with live bands and recorded music which will get your feet tapping.

Until  the Library Service is able to open again, they have an excellent  free collection of electronic resources- eBooks, audio books, magazines and newspapers– just log on with your membership number and PIN.  If you need help with remembering these, there is a phone number or email to try: Libraries West Resources 

The National Theatre (NT) and several other theatres around the world, eg Metropolitan Opera, RSC, Andrew Lloyd Webber, are putting on live performances through lockdown, and “House Beautiful” has sent a link to all of them- or most anyway. Read the details carefully some are already out of date, and some are available for a short time only, but follow the links and see what delights are in store:

Theatre, Musicals, Opera during Covid-19

Also virtual tours of Museums around the world- no flying involved! 

12 Museums from around the world

For fun…

See you in September…

More photos from some of our dances (remember them?) are  in Photo Gallery